An Easy to Use Video Downloader Bookmarklet made using pure JavaScript.

Get started in 3 Simple Steps

— How to install and use this tool on desktop / laptop web browsers.

Installing the Bookmarklet

To Install this tool to your browser,

1. Drag and drop the 'Download Now' button to the bookmark bar.

Tip 1 — Press Ctrl+Shift+B to hide/show the bookmark bar.

Step 1

Drag & Drop the Button on the bookmark bar.

Make sure the bookmark bar is visible in your browser (press to hide/show bookmark bar)

Step 2

Go to video page and click on the bookmark.

Visit the website from which you want to download the media content and press the 'Download Now' button in the bookmark bar.

Step 3

Select Quality and Download

You will be redirected to the download page from which you can select from the available formats and download the file.