An Easy to Use Video Downloader Bookmarklet made using pure JavaScript.

Get started in 4 Simple Steps

— How to install and use this tool on smarthpone or TV web browsers.

Installing the Bookmarklet

To Install this tool to your browser,

Copy the code below and create a bookmark in your browser.

Step 1

Copy the code and create a bookmark of the page.

Copy the bookmark but touching the 'copy text' button and bookmark the current page.

Step 2

Edit the bookmark and replace the URL with the code.

Go to the 'Bookmark Manager' in your browser and edit the bookmark, Replace the URL by pasting the code you just copied.

Step 3

Go to website and select the bookmark.

Go to the website from which you want to download the media content and navigate to the bookmarked page through the URL box.

Step 4

Select video quality and download

Select the video format and quality needed from the list and download the file.